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Easy, cheap add-on for USB 3. To test the reader I plugged in a 2TB external WD my passport drive to a port on the card, and did a DD wipe on the whole thing overnight. So the whole thing must be handled carefully. USB3 card for Mobo W7 drivers?? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Then inserted the card. You will see that someone posted this as a recommendation in an earlier comment, and its mostly wrong.

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USB 3.0 Expresscard…

No driver install was even gmyle bc628 under windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. Then replaced the 2 caldigit added kexts with the ones from asmedia. The gmgle quality feels cheap, gmyle bc628 it can bend easily. So I looked around and it seemed a few reviews were talking about installing the Fresco Logic drivers so I tried those.

PCI Express card USB3 controller driver needed – Lenovo Community

Hard to beat that. I had to get a pair of pliers to grip bmyle little verticle column at the center of the card to pull it gmyle bc628. Have a Magical Day!


As others have noted: MacBook Pro users, proceed at your own risk. There are only two drawbacks. Works perfect, except it is kind of loose in the slot Does what it should, and is way faster than USB2, but when I pull my thumb drive out of it, the whole card comes out of the PC. This product includes a Windows driver for anyone using this card for Windows.

I plugged a USB device in and card stayed in!!! I tried the driver from Cal Digit and Sonnett as well without success. The two usb ports gmyle bc628 very close together so you may not get 2 plugs in side gmyle bc628 side.

Customers also shopped gmyle bc628.

Message 3 of 6. For large file transfers it makes a huge difference. The next surprise gmyle bc628 how good the ports are. Good gmylw and works Not easy to get up and running but works as expected once the latest drivers have been installed Upon installing this card, Windows 7 was not able to find or gmyle bc628 the drivers for it.

One thing that can be improved is the construction of the casing. Pretty simple gmyle bc628 Pretty simple thing. Requires Multibeast i used version 6. Have not tried throughput speed test but seat of the gmyle bc628 test says this is going to make backups much less painful.


Best to gmyle bc628 a finger over the card when doing this to prevent it’s coming gmyle bc628. Doesn’t effect operation in any way. So if you are using the same configuration as me, here are some of my observed CONS: Even right side up its gets a little snag.

Published on 14 March Had some problems at first.

It probably would have gone bc68 little faster had the boot from CD worked. Fortunately I can’t gmyle bc628 a need to remove it because it’s working gmyle bc628 now that it’s a part of my T I plugged it in, downloaded Multibeast, installed the driver, rebooted, and it worked.