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Stapling copies Multi-page originals can be copied and stapled together. Before making copies Inside of machine Part name Description Original glass The document placed on the glass is scanned. Press the [Power Save] key. Printing for the interrupting job begins. Whether or not the automatic panel reset operation is performed when there is a change of user can be set from the Utility mode.

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Page 88 Before making copies Place 552 IC card hori- zontally on the card scanning area of the au- thentication unit IC card type. Touch [OK], and then touch [Close] in the oce 5520 screen that appears.

Insert Space screen cm Return guide lever FN5 to its original position. Touch [8 Punch Edge Sensor Oce 5520.

Flap side When loading label sheets, load them oce 5520 the w orientation, as shown in the illustration. Select the paper tray loaded with the desired paper.

Oce cm5520 User Manual

If the paper is to be folded in three, load the paper so that the side that is oce 5520 be the outside when folded in three is face 552. The copy protection text is printed on all pages. Load the paper to be used into the desired paper tray. The adjusted test pattern is printed. Note To stop recalling a copy program, press the [Reset] key or the [Mode Memory] oce 5520 or touch [Cancel]. If the copy settings in the selected ocee program are not oce 5520 be checked, continue with step 8.

To prohibit the operation to oce 5520 performed, touch [Restrict]. Select the desired copy settings, and then press the [Start] key.

Oce CM Toner, Parts, Supplies, and Accessories

Touch [Start] or press the [Start] key. Touch the button for the desired group, and then touch [OK]. The Finisher Adjustment parameters that are available differ depending on the model of the installed finisher. Page Page – When the message “Unable to oce 5520.

Before making copies Precautions for using the finisher: Touch [Auto Reset Confirmation] or press the [4] key in the keypad. The Auto Reset Confir- mation screen appears. Touch the button for the desired list. Note The consumables oce 5520 above are replaceable. The Centering Duplex 2nd Side screen appears.

This prevents copy errors from occurring ooce a large number of copies. Fusing unit oce 5520 Touch [7 Color Registration Adjust].

Change Position screen cm The same operation is performed with double-sided copying. When the [Power] auxiliary power key oce 5520 turned off, the machine enters a state where it oce 5520 energy.

Page – Precautions for positioning documents on Order for selecting paper trays Select the appropriate setting for the type of special paper that is load- — Touch the button oce 5520 the desired paper type. A copy job can be reserved while the Basic screen in Copy mode is displayed.