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The following setup steps are for windows Even if one or more bits in the chip are damaged during transmission, statistical techniques embedded in the receiver can recover the original data without the need for retransmission. The design is also sleek and it comes along with an extension usb cord which i find useful as I can connect it to desk top and put it in a drawer or convenient place thus risking not loosing it. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. You can enter 26 hexadecimal digits any combination of , a-f, A-F or 13 ASCII characters for bit also called bits encryption. Considering the fact that it’s too fast.. The Profile Management dialog box will display a screen similar to that shown in Figure

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This bit pattern is called a chip or chipping code. You can click the Next button to continue the Installation. CE Declaration of Conformity For the following equipment: Remind me by Mail – Your mailaddress: You can turn the wireless radio off by selecting the check-box.

TP-Link TL-WNG 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter –

Operation is subject to the following two conditions: The adapter can only use short radio headers if the access point supports and uses them. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. Infrastructure mode is useful at a corporation scale, or when it is necessary to connect the wired and wireless networks.


To the Configuration tab Profile Name – Identifies the configuration profile.

TP-Link TL-WN321G (696726321002) Wireless Adapter

Extra Info – Shows 54mbls status and the current channel in use. Double-click the System icon, click on the Hardware tab in the System window that appears. If you have plugged it into you PC already, please un-plug it and plug it back in. In other words, more bandwidth is consumed than in the case of narrowband transmission, but the trade off produces a signal that is, in effect, louder and thus easier to detect, provided that the receiver knows the parameters of the spread-spectrum signal being broadcast.

TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter [TL-WNG] – Aria PC

Figure About 3. Click the Cancel button to end the Installation. While files are copying, you will see a warning box shown in figure Utility Date – The creation date of this utility. If it does not, please follow the setup steps to finish the driver installation.

TP-Link 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter [TL-WN321G]

No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from TP-LINK Technologies Co. In the field that appears, enter F: Encryption – Displays which encryption type that the driver is using.

TxRate – Shows the current Transfer rate.

It can also interoperate with all 11Mbps wireless It is designed to trade off bandwidth efficiency for reliability, integrity, and security. Infrastructure Network – An infrastructure network is a group of computers or other devices, each with a wireless adapter, connected as an The design is also sleek and it comes along with an extension usb cord which i find useful tp link tl wn321g 54mbps wireless usb adapter I can connect it to desk top and put it in a drawer or convenient place thus risking not loosing it.


This web page is Copyright Velo Systems Ltd. This field determines which operating frequency will be used. Answer by philm on Friday, February 11, Yes it will work with Wondows 7 no problem at all.

If you are planning to use this on your Son’s xbox, then it wouldn’t work as it requires the use of Microsoft’s wireless module.

Gives A Very Good Range Click the Profile tab of the utility and click the Add button on the screen that appears. Would my sons xbox get a signal from this if I plugged it to my computer?. After installing the driver successfully, you should see an icon, system tray. I don’t have a wireless network wired setup so hoped I could get his xbox setup with something like this Answer by stevenl on Saturday, May 16, Assuming your son’s xbox has the wireless module, tp link tl wn321g 54mbps wireless usb adapter you could set up an ad-hoc network between the two and use Internet Connection Sharing.