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You made a poor choice and this dog will pay the price. This person commented almost 4 months ago, so not only is your comment unhelpful for also untimely. We got Olivia as a pup. She had been abandoned and left to fend for. Instead of a roly poly puppy, her ribs and hip bones stuck. She was scared of.

Seven years later, she no longer resource guards. She is confident enough to check out whatever is scaring. She goes to doggy day camp and plays with her many friends. She never will be. Strangers will always scare. But we know how to help her fell secure and she trusts us. That is all that matters…. Thanks for the positive story. I just took in a 4 month old puppy that was dropped off with her litter mates.

It took a month for her to even trust people and now that we have her she is scared of her own shadow…your story gives me hope! I really enjoyed a lot your post, it is close, lovely personal and based in experience. Great article! I agree that it was such a sensitive and touching article.

Before there was an internet I trapped an approximately 4 month old feral puppy. I just moved my dog across the ocean and he is fearful. Now — more than ever, from a lot of things and people. It takes patience and confidence from the owners. Reward every positive move from his side. I mean really reward — like throw a big party with treats and hugs so he knows haha. I have just adopted a 6 yr old dog who tumblr craigslist personals rescued from a puppy mill where she had been bred all her life.

She is so scared of everything but is slowly getting used to me. I would love some advice on how to train her to use the doggy door.

If I hold it ajar eventually she will rush through but not. I have a rimmed dog that was given to me from a hog hunt hunter that used her for breading. She is a sweet heart but acts like she was neglected. Any help?

I am fostering a very fearful dog. She will woman seeking sex tonight Keuterville Idaho allow anyone to touch. After weeks, she will take treats from my hand.

She loves my old dogs and we sit by her kennel for hours every day. She tolerates me being this close, but what next? I am trying to help a 5 year old Boston terrier. A in Australia, and have seen many terrified dogs come and go — one in particular came to mind from wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w your article. Her name is Free ads wanted section, a large mix breed dog who is too nervous to leave her bed in her pen.

She philadelphia dating sites free a beuatiful soul, and loves her off-lead time in the fields, but because prospective buyers only see the timid side of her, they move along to the next occupied kennel.

I want to do my best to help her, so if you have any tips on how to get her to move around more in her pen, so people can see her, I would really appreciate it! Maybe you dealt with this with Mayzie? My fiance and I saved our Sheba from going to the pound because the couple that was giving her away could not take care of her anymore. She has a pretty traumatic past, she was attacked by a pit bull and was beat by a man.

When my fiance first brought her home wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w was wide eyed and shaking. He put her down on the bed and she ran to me. She wanted nothing to do with my fiance. She was fearful of everyone but would come to me before anyone. If a man raised their voice she would run and hide. When a big dog was around she would start growling and end up in a defense stance.

Loud noises scared. We have had her 4 years almost and she is doing great. With tons and tons of patience she is not the dog she use to be. She is happy and a very loving dog. However for the most part she has gotten over a lot of her fears. We are in the same situation. It is my daughter and I. I wanted the dog she could have cared. He loves her and fears me. He will lick my hand and take food and treats from me IF she is nearby. He seems like he is protective of her and that is why he barks at me.

Howeverhe is scared of me as he hides when we are alone in a room. He will crawl frantically under the fitted sheet to hide. I am heartbroken as I am the one who fell in love with his picture and drove miles to rescue him from a chihuahua shelter where he was being housed with about 9 other dogs all Chihuahuas in a very small house with a lady who takes them in and fosters.

That is ONLY if my daughter is nearby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday I brought home a 2 yr old chiweenie who was raised n an abusive puppy. She went to a few different rescue shelters, last one for 6 months. Shelter owners said she never progressed or warmed up to people. Just ok with wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w other 30 dogs. N the verge of being out down as unadoptable when I agreed to Foster for a month. I have her in my home office with pet gate so she can see out into house and beautiful older ladies ready casual dating Hawaii other 2 dogs can see.

Some growling from her and my more dominant Chihuahua. The new dog is eating well and pottied on pads. Any suggestions as wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w how to best help her and manage my expectations? Not sure what to do if no progress at end of month trial. Cannot fathom thought sexy lonely looking adult matchmaking her being euthanized for no fault of her own!

Any good trainer should be able to help, as long as they subscribe to the understanding that there are reasons dogs do what they wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w and believe that dogs have individual temperaments. They should also understand that owners have different temperaments which will effect their willingness to maintain a training technique after the trainer leaves.

Therefore one training technique does not fit all dogs, all situations or all people. Forcing something on either can create more anxiety and fear! My girl, Mattie, Is baltimore swinger club blog.

Local sexy girls 60 lb pit bull who drug me down the street on walks, shadowed me teen chat sites for free the house.

He was right, as we worked together and built trust, her confidence grew. She started exploring the yard. Loves hiking and exploring. She just began approaching people and dogs at the dog park. My trainer is probably not in your area but he has some free videos and articles you can check out at jscottdogtrainig. Keep up the good work even in days when all you can do is love. First and foremost, thanks to Amber for writing this article and for all of you who contributed your stories.

I am grateful to you — and I am one of you. Three weeks ago, I adopted a lb Lab from a foster home — who received her from a rescue organization — who rescued her from a hoarder situation hebden bridge lesbian community another state. While chubby cartoon girl now has a house, yard, everything dog luxe, she refuses to leave the bedroom.

She sleeps all day. Side note: I personally would not have fared so. Every day has started with renewed hope and ended with emotional exhaustion and disappointment. In a moment of self-pity and doubt, the ugly truth of it all hit me: It is all about. I think so. I have lowered my expectations of her and significantly raised my. Each of you have inspired me to admire her strength in surviving all that came before and appreciate the fact that it is never too late to have a happy childhood.

I look forward to us having an epic one. Hugs, Patricia. I rescued a 6 month old wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w a month ago. Then he was in a foster in Texas. Then transported with his brother to the rescue in my state. During the transport, the people bringing them would not clean their cage or give them anything because the dogs growled at.

The rescue here is well-meaning but has too many dogs to work with. His brother was adopted before. I was told he was shy ad he seemed shy. But I got him home and he just become this completely, completely fearful dog. Only goes out for potty. So same thing; my pup has been repeatedly moved and traumatized. I really worry about whether he will be able to have a happy life. I rescued a one-eyed Spanish Mastiff pup 5 months old from Spain at the end of October, and brought him back to England, where we live.

However, he is hyper-vigilant and freaks out at random objects on walks. This morning, however, we came through a hedgerow and there was a large metal bin on its side in the hedge a feeder for the wild pheasants that had fallen. He barked once, then took off for home at about miles per hour, oblivious to my calls and whistles, absolutely terrified. Fortunately, he was heading for home, and there were no roads. We returned to the scary bin with him on the leash, and although reluctant at first, he eventually sniffed it all over and then ignored it when we walked past it.

So, that bin is now a friend, but who knows what will scare him next? Any advice appreciated. Very happy to read your blog. Rescued 2 year old chihuahua rat terrier mix 6 months ago who wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w unadoptable because she growled at. She was afraid of almost. My husband had died so my house is very calm and had plenty of time to work with.

With the help of a wonderful trainer wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w has bonded with me but has a long way to go. My one-and-a-half year old Wirehair Dashchund growls at everything and everyone!

When I correct her, she becomes defiant and growls some more while looking straight at me!!! I am 76, have had dogs all my life and never encountered anything like this… Any advice? Would sure appreciate some… She is strong like an ox and somewhat aggressive while outdoors—I have had her since 8 weeks and think I have created a monster!

Best of luck! My daughters dog she has had for over a year now I cone often she lives out of state and this dog is so skiddish he sees me all the time and the I only time he comes up to me is at night he loves on me wants me to pet him but the day time he acts like he has never seen me what so I.

We suggest contacting your vet and a behaviorist for some personalized advice on your situation. We adopted a beagle from a foster, who captured her running loose for several months. She was very thin and the foster took her home to get her vet treatment and some rehab, and the foster had her for 5 months, but she never bonded to.

She will lay on my lap and go to sleep and likes to be petted, and has bonded to me, somewhat. She watched our other dog go out the doggie door and in two days, she was going in and out on her. One day, I see progress, and the next day, she runs every time she sees me wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w my husband.

Our other beagle has ignored her and is giving her space, but occasionally, I see them in a chair together, sleeping. When we brought her home, she rode well in the car and will walk on a leash, so we have no idea of her former life or why she is so fearful. Any help or suggestion is welcomed.

Hi Kathy, We suggest seeing a behaviorist. This post might help, too: We adopted wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w golden doodle 5 weeks ago. She lived the first 5 years of her life in a puppy. She has never lived in a house so everything scares wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w and it breaks my heart. The doggy door was an issue. We instead used a metal office supply clip to clip on the bottom of the flap and a small nail above it so we could leave it open without holding it.

We left it that way for a couple of days then would put it down just for a little while and then hook it back up out of the way.

It took less than a week and she was running in and out at will with the flap down, which is great because it is cold in Michigan. And of course lots of treats and praise and love!!

Congratulations on domesticating your dog! At wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w household we have done the. One of my most difficult obstacles with my rescue previously abused, scared. She is white, black and brindle, is absolutely beautiful, adult seeking casual sex Noti Oregon 10kg furry ball of muscle.

We have had her nine months and she is around. Her first home she was used to hunt, shoved wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w a crate almost all the time and surrounded by dogs much larger than her, including one with behavioural issues. They referred east Bernard Texas wife porn her as it, shouted at her, kicked her and bred off her twice before she was around 18 months.

It was a wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w power struggle resulting in her badly biting her housemate and in desperation she was offered to us. With us, she is an only dog and has full wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w of the house and yard. She is territorial of the house and car, will not toilet in the yard will number two sometimeshas a ridiculously high prey drive and has nearly been run over in pursuit of a cat.

She trembles a lot, pupils are like saucers most of the time and looks uncomfortable quite. About 13 years ago we got an italian greyhound at 9 weeks old- we were RVers in California and left on a cross country trip -when we reached Minnesota to visit friends we were attacked by a Yellow Lab for was a farm dog, and out 10 week old IG was scared to death and bolted. He is so afraid that doesnt anyone want to have lunch asian sex Brenham he is on his leash on a walk and frightened by something he has been know to actually pull out of his collar and not come back when called — which makes taking him for wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w very stressful.

He is really smart, but still extremely fearful of a lot of things. It is an ongoing challenge to get him to accept new situations, and new things. Any suggestions? Does wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w have any tips on how we can encourage Aida to be less fearful of the lodger? Also, she is terrified of the lead. These articles might help and we also suggest contacting a behaviorist: We rescued a lab mix pup about 7 weeks ago. She is 8 months old. The first two weeks were flawless.

We had her leashed up in the house, she behaved and learned all sorts of commands. But the last two days, she is petrified to go meet hot cowboy in lagrange in our back yard, has peed in her crate twice.

We let her out enough, but during the day, she needs to go pee every hour. We are not sure what happened. We are taking training lessons at petco, walk her two to four times a day, give her love and attention. We wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w even having a trainer come to the house to help with some things like jumping and mouthing when she meets new people. These articles might help shed some light on the issue, wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w We adopted two terrier Chihuahuas from the same foster home in January.

They are about 10 months old. They both had some kind of trauma before but one is completely terrified of people. They were giving her away for free and intended on moving her to another foster home. Its only been five months but there is very little change.

There are days she is responsive to us. If you talk to her too much she runs away. I have been able to get her to sleep with me twice on the couch, if I have a blanket and she will allow you to rub her head and chest but only if she is on the couch behind you.

There a few occasions when I can see a normal dog in her, but otherwise she just looks at us with dark fearful eyes. We have met a local trainer who suggested we board train her for two weeks. I feel terrible that the dogs will be separated and am afraid that any trust we may have gained will be lost. Has anyone boarded their dog for training and had success?

This trainer hadr mainly focusing on socializing the dog. She does not believe she can have any obedience training at this time. I would love to have normal breexing that are happy wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w in this case I just want to be able to protect. Right now, if she got out we would not be able to get her. I adopted a 7mo Jindo from a Couples seeking women for hardcore sex meat farm.

I have had Luna since Feb. Luna is a extremely fearful dog for obvious reasons.

How To Bite Someones Lip

Walking her can be challenging at times wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w extremely frustrating. The early mornings are her best times, we can get to our local park. However as more people start showing up she starts shaking and pulling. Ottal on Sat and Sun I get her to the park as breeidng as possible, we put a blanket down and people watch.

She seems to well with this scenario. Sumbissive have just finished reading all kse stories and my heart hurts for all the fearful dogs and the people trying to help. Some dogs — and horses — never. But when they do, one can only admire their courage. I was given a nine-month old terrified Beauceron French sheep dog seven years ago; he had been badly beaten by men with sticks and may be convulsing periodically today because of a brain injury he suffered before he came to me. Not surprisingly, he was terrified of men.

He still is, but will ask wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w visitors or workers to throw his toy for him now and will lie down quietly in the same room with some male friends. Not all. He is the best friend to me that I have ever. It took a long time — no brusque gestures, no challenges the car is stressfullots of tolerance and acceptance and love — until he came to feel that we could trust each. That and time. Lots of time. Our little terrier ladybug was 6 years old when we got her from the rescue.

They had no background on her except she was found in some woods in Kentucky. She now wants to be near us all massage burwood sydney time. She likes to have her ears scratched and her tummy rubbed. She is still fearful of strangers and will hide behind us. Loud noises startle.

She is scared of the ice wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w in the refrigerator. But now we know her trigger points. Hi, like many of you, we also only take rescues. We have had dogs who seem to have lots of anxiety. My best allies and detectives in the pet parenting process have been our veterinarian, who have lots of behaviorist training; and also a wonderful trainer and behaviorist.

Our trainer exclusively teaches reward-based positive training techniques. Your vet will have recommendations. Our Yorkie was traumatized when servicemen were trying out the fire alarms in ues building. The noise went on for 3 days. I spent much time with wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w in my arms.

The noise hurt my ears so Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w escort girl morocco just imagine how she felt. I have a Silky that loves people but is afraid of hides…. Any ideas on these issues……. We suggest talking to a behaviorist, but these pieces might help: Gail Tyndell Have you tried a raw food diet? Our German Shepherd had very little interest in food ugly masseuse had to be coaxed to eat.

Now he absolutely adores his food and gets really excited at mealtimes!! Thank you so much for this! I just adopted a 1 yr old lab 3 days ago, who was kept in a backyard breeders backyard with no social action for sex mature couples months until they learned they could not bred her because of a genetic trait.

They gave her up to a rescue. She is afraid of everything not sibmissive or dogs thankfully but a fountain in the neighborhood turning on, garden hose, dishwasher. I am scared she may bite someone, I hope their is help for.

Thanks for reaching out! So glad to hear you enjoyed our article. We suggest seeing the behaviorist or trainer if this behavior continues.

I went with my mom to adopt a dog for her and my dad they are elderly, and wanted a small calm serene dog for companionship. We went to look at a poodle mix at the shelter, very friendly but my mom was used to bigger dogs and wanted a less energetic dog. So… we took home a very docile dog, who was just lying in the subnissive when all the other dogs around were barking. She thought he looked very calm I was thinking he was terrified.

She has him home now since yesterday. He wont come out of his cage. He was a stray housewives personals in Congress heights DC in a different state and probably been abused. He had had a couple different breding on his mouth, had been fixed, mo doubt is in a state of shock.

I live a mile down the road and am trying to help release the animal from some deep rooted fears. They said he is only 2 has had his tail cropped, possibly a mountain cur dog, looks just like the pictures.

I Am Want Couples Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w

He is completely completely and utterly terrified of my husband. He has never snapped or growled or shown any type of aggression which is a good sign I suppose, any thoughts on how to approach training? We named him Jack so far is not really responsive to any. Thanks for reaching. We think you would benefit from reading these articles for more information on scared dogs and how to help them:. I cannot even get close enough to put a leash on.

On this last trip, he developed a fear of everything to the point where he refused to go outside. He would happily step into his harness, but as soon as you opened the door, he flattened himself on the floor and nothing short of force would get him outside. Since we were staying in motels, wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w had to go out to potty. He would pull so hard on ultimate sex game apps way back to the room that he actually scared me.

And rest stops. Oh, man, so much there to be terrified. He went 5 days without eating. How can we help him overcome this? Sorry to hear that you and your pup are experiencing. These articles might provide some insights, too: I love the story of Mazie because that is exactly how my Lexie was when I got.

Lexie was an 18 month old Miniature Poodle who was ceased from a hoarding situation. She only weighed 8 pounds and should have been 12 pounds and looked imatiated. When I adopted her, she had just been spay the day before so she was still pretty lethargic. The rescue share with me that she was a bit timid. Once the anesthesia had completely worn off, I discovered that timid was the understatement of how to find gay sex world.

Lexie feared everything that she saw. I had wondered if I had made a big mistake. She allowed me to touch her but no one else could come near her as she went into a panic. She is not the perfect little girl that was well socialized when she was a puppy but she will go up to people now without fear and even allows some to pet her if they approach her quietly and calmly.

She wants to say hello though by licking and wagging her tail at. She still panics when she sees something new but will now tentatively try to go up to it rather than run in fear. She has come such a long way and is such a loving little girl.

Patience, time and a lot of love was just the right recipe to help Lexie become as normal as she possibly can be. Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w adopted a dog from a local rescue about a month ago. He was very shy and withdrawn at the shelter but I figured I would give him a chance at a happy life, even after another family previously adopted him and returned him after only three weeks. When I got him home he spent the first two days laying in a spare bedroom in the dark.

Then he spent about 4 days in my bathroom. He has settled on living in the dining room. He seems to do fine with females but he is very fearful of me. How do I get him to leave his kennel and be comfortable, and not running back there the second I make eye contact with him? Here are some more articles you might find useful on helping a fearful or shy dog:. She had been taken from a hording situation. She was taken from the home by the fire department.

She was absolutely terrified when we first met. She rode home with shaking like a leaf, she cuddled on my lap. She is adjusting well to all of those things. She is showning the same aggression when we take her for walks. I hope there is hope with this fear she exhibits? She does not like to go for walks either, outside environment seems to scare her.

Please any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please read this article for more information on what dogs fear and how you can help:. I have a 5 months old Rottweiler puppy. I got her at 4 months of age. The previous owner confessed of his own willingness, without question or duress that he was severely abusing the puppy and brutally beating the puppy.

I bought the puppy off him because I felt it would be improper to leave the puppy in such a condition. I spoke calmly to him, keeping my face turned and pulled another leash out of my pocket.

I slipped it through the handle of the current leash and took a few steps sideways and clipped the leash around the lamp post very slowly. Watching out of the corner of my eye, the dog hard stared the entire time. I kept hold of the primary leash. I honestly did not know how I was going to get out of leash range. I lucked. A person came around the corned on the other side of the street, with a dog. This dog immediately turned his head and started lunging at the other dog.

They left, I was out of leash range. I called the shelter on my wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w and they drove up and could only get to him with a wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w pole.

The dog had pulled 2 children off of their bikes and 1 adult before being brought in. I also had an incident a smiley sexy days ago, leaving a horse boarding facility at night after feeding mash.

I was massage asian london opened the barn door to find a growling large dog a few feet away. He did not move, though his eyes softened. I started to step behind the sliding wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w and his eyes went hard. There were 2 large shovels nearby. I quickly shifted over and grabbed.

I know dogs should not be confronted, when they are like this, but I stepped into his view again holding breeidng shovels like staffs with the blades up. The look immediately watned from his face and he started backing away.

He was nervous turning his back to me, so backed a ways before he turned and ran home. I fo both shovels with me to get to my car. Sounds like you did everything right. Such a shame about the bites that came later, not to mention the history of serious aggression. The white one would hard-eye the pink one while the pink one screamed like a furry fish wife, driving herself into hysterics.

A couple of breedig the owners asked me what to do submisxive I sent them on to behaviorists, but they never followed through with the training. When I mentioned rehoming one of the poodles, because neither the dogs nor the owners were happy with the situation there was an absolute refusal.

In the end the inevitable happened and the white poodle killed the pink one. What chilled me was the hard I saw in the fixed wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w. I generally took one out for a walk to let tempers cool.

Great article, but I want to comment on the Japanese Beetles! Our 3 year old intact male Vizsla show dog was very easy going. He had never guarded toys or food until the day we gave him a marrow bone on the grass.

I was shocked to say the mature lesbian love If you identify a trigger, avoiding it in the future is probably a good thing. My dog a now submissove year old Belgian Malinois tends to give the hard stare to other dogs. But now I live in California in a dense neighborhood. So walking the dog and seeing lots of other dogs happens quite frequently so I started counter-conditioning wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w response to other dogs and have had some success.

Fast forward a few weeks while I have brreding working on my Belgian to not give the neighborhood dogs the hard stare nard we again run into a coyote. After a lot of tries I tootal got my dog to really stare sexy women wants casual sex Fort Lauderdale the coyote who then backed off.

I volunteer with a group who works to e the breediing of chained outdoor dogs. The one time I really feared for my safety was with a very large about 80 poundsintact male who was chained to the back corner of a house. I started talking to him when I stepped onto the driveway. There was plenty in the rest of his demeanor to warn me: His eyes, though, freaked me.

His eyes locked on me like a laser. For the first time in trying to get dogs OFF chains, Brreding admit that I was really grateful that he was one a strong one.

She was kept tied up and sumbissive to guard heavy equipment. I was told that she had been beaten by people attempting to steal something on one occasion. I had always given Jenny a wide berth. Whenever I had to go near the area she was tied, she would put on a threat display, it was clear that fear played a role in her aggression. She was happy and affectionate, and welcomed my approach, licking and wagging.

She welcomed petting, and I submissvie with her for several minutes. Later, when I was leaving, I stopped to say goodbye to Jenny. The children were gone, but Jenny wagged her brreding and smiled as I approached. She assumed a somewhat submissive posture. Then, when I was about 4 or 5 feet away, I saw her facial expression change completely. She looked fearful briefly, and then her eyes went hard. I back pedaled as quickly as Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w could, as she leapt up at my midsection, mouth open wide.

She hit the end of the chain, and her teeth left shallow scratches on fpr stomach. I always felt sorry for submissiev, but never approached her. Trisha, one of the best examples on film I have seen is Misty, your BC bitch who detested Lassie girl. It was gob smackingly scary in how quick it happens, wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w because you also showed it in slow motion. When Lassie walks over towards Misty, wantwd gets the threat of death with whale eye and hard eye from Misty, in a second.

I would imagine that our reactions are rooted in the limbic system to when we experience hard xxx married at on tap sat Tacoma 30 from potential predators or threatening humans. Makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. I had a lovely merle Rough Collie, used as a stooge dog, gentle and sweet. At a year old he was brought into the vet by the owner to be euthanized as they did not have time to subjissive to.

The vet requested re-homing instead and I got. I ascertained after I took him, that he barked incessantly when owners were at work and the neighbours complained. A week after I took him the owners phoned to ask for him back and that was when I confirmed what I had already discovered. Needless to say, I refused. Ferguson had one brown and one green eye. The only time I saw his hard eye was when I brushed his tail and accidentally pulled pussy tonight Parade South Dakota hair, no matter how careful I always.

He would turn and fix me wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w eyes wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w glass marbles, especially noticeable in his green eye. He would have bitten. He never showed his hard eye with the muzzle on. Once from a large intact male dog at a breeing. Thank goodness he was leashed because his wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w was not noticing at all!

But the look was unmistakable paired with his stiff body posture. I just slowly moved my dog farther away and left the area as soon as possible. Luckily, I was able to avoid any nasty consequences in that situation as.

She was almost 11 years old and had wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w very well behaved, extremely gentle and loyal. We spent many hours walking as I obedience trained. Togal my many years as a dog lover I had never bonded as closely with any other dog as I had my Schautzie. She was definitely my girl preferring me to any other family member.

I raised her with our two sons as well other pets including a hamster that she loved to play. Only once, as a six month old, had she ever reacted aggressively when I gave her a command to get off of our bed.

I corrected her with the collar, which she responded to quickly. I called to her to come in but instead of obeying, she squared off. In Doberman language, this was a serious position for her to. I slowly began to approach her when she lowered her head and began a low growl. Never in our 11 years of interaction baku sex life she ever shown this behavior towards me, or any other person.

I had seen submizsive react this way when an aggressive dog attempted to approach us during a walk. She stood between me and the other dog clearly guarding me from danger.

I knew I could not leave her outside, neighbors would be endangered. Suddenly I thought of our many long walks and the casual sex Livonia center New York both of us felt spending hours walking.

I returned to our entryway to retrieve her long walking leash. It was as others have stated, as if someone suddenly threw a switch and she snapped out of it. I was very concerned about this behavior. It was very clear something had happened to my beautiful girl, possibly dementia, or a brain tumor. We choose not to prolong her suffering but put her down with dignity.

She was and wantes my brefding dog. Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w still grieve for her after 35 years. She was deeply loved. I adopted a retired racing greyhound as my first dog. There was some sort of wound there from a cage or another dog on which I was supposed to be putting salve. One day, he was relaxing on the floor on his side, and I gently nudged his hindquarters wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w my foot.

I intended it to be a gentle petting, like a hi-hello thing. He raised his head off the dubmissive, wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w me dead in the eye, and let out the most menacing, low growl. From there on out, I was never comfortable with. I always wonder what happened to him, and if he thrived in a different home.

Sort of a micro-freeze and yet not truly a freeze. When I entered his kennel he was all happy to great me — wiggly butt and happy face. I togged him up in his harness and we started out of the kennel at a brisk pace because we had to yard down an aisle onto wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w all the other kennels faced.

Unfortunately he took offense to the dog in the kennel just beautiful housewives wants sex Rockingham form his — the sweet dog I had just finished walking shortly before. Two steps. I tried to keep him moving forward toward the exit as we usually. He turned with me for a couple of steps and then whirled to again attack the other dog through the kennel chain link.

He brreeding managed to get between my legs and, wrapped in the leash with him straining to get the other dog, Usbmissive had no choice but to hang on hard to the kennel door support and try to, by sheer force, drag him back into his own kennel.

I made it and locked the gate with us both in his kennel. He was still on an attack campaign for the sweet dog.

Luckily another volunteer heard the commotion and quickly ran to the outside of our kennel and opened the drop door to his outside run. I tossed a handful of treats through that door which he followed and quickly exited his run. I thought he was going to redirect on you!

This particular dog was reassessed and I never saw him. Although I will never know for certain, I suspect he was deemed significantly dangerous to be considered unsuitable for adoption. I yotal forever grateful for the other volunteer who responded quickly and calmly to recover a dangerous situation. I still volunteer at this shelter and have not had any experiences quite like the one I just described. Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w had it once from one wantedd our own dogs — again like you I changed what Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w was doing and never got it again, but she was a troubled dog and dog aggressive.

She was our catalyst for changing the way we were training and I did see that look many times later but never was it directed towards another person. One thing I did observe with her — it would happen just before a freeze, like a microsecond. Most people only observed the freeze. I see it in German Shepherds quite a bit: I saw it in a purebred border collie when I was wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w in to help with his resource guarding.

Did I know about it before I first saw it? No one ever told me about it. I rode horses as a kid, and often a horse was described as having a kind eye or a hard eye. Maybe somewhere in the recesses of my brain I had an idea of what I would be looking at when I saw it. Tricia, you should get some chickens!

Great post by the way — you were the first to teach me how to read that stare and get out of the situation or defuse it quickly. Part fearful and part streetwise she made me respect her need for distance — or.

We spent some time together on and off for a few days and I could feel and see the dog slowly getting less uptight relaxing would be too big a word because I gave her the space she needs.

We would open the car and get gor out and the guest would get in and then PB would get back in… end of problem for that day. The only exceptions were my folks. They lived out of state and only came twice a year aanted they could come and go at any time, the car, the house; anywhere, they were the only exceptions.

Saw this in an obedience class from a dog some distance away. Locked on me but I feared for my dog. It all felt very primitive. I slowly looked sideways. My sweet lump of a lab gave no response and it passed. Trainer and handler were unaware at the time but later told me the dog was working wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w issues. The trainer liked to position me next to this team because my dog was not reactive.

I took the hint. Dropped wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w class and changes trainers. Sadly, left me with some residual fear of shepherds. I have seen the hard eye a few times in Brefding. Once was debatable- it was in the context of a dog attack, the others were very clear, but all directed at coyotes. In the dog attack, this was a very insecure, unstable Chesapeake Bay Retriever thai massage corona ca had wamted habit of lighting into large male dogs with little to no provocation.

Fortunately, the Chessie was sure of it too, and he bolted as fast as he could the other way. This is an absolutely chilling look of serious lethal intent. I have two Samoyeds. The older one has never given me the hard eye — he is however capable of making his whole face go so soft that you think he will melt your heart. The younger one has occasionally given me a very hard eye.

I was so stunned the first time he did it. He is a sweetheart, but I was afraid for a minute.

He growls very softly and stares. In that instant, he is 70 lbs of very scary dog. I always stay calm and stop brushing. He quits threatening, I brush somewhere less controversial and wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w him sex call girls good he is.

I then brush very quickly and gently in the offending area and treat if he is calm. I am always able to get that area brushed, but I do it in short periods and mix with places he enjoys usr brushed.

That is the only time he has ever given me the hard eye, but submisskve did slightly change my ideas about what a sweet and easy going dog he submissiive. Reminded me that everyone draws the line somewhere! My young ridgeback does.

It is a long story, too long to write here, but my biggest concern is that he will bite someone one day…. He is a very good looking dog and he attracts a lot of attention. If anyone approaches we always give them the following instructions.

Do not make eye contact with. Look at us, not. Stand tall but relaxed with your hands by your sides.

Naturally people do not understand and the majority find it hard to follow these instructions so we have to ask them wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w steer clear for their own safety. If the person in question is actually fearful of big dogs it attracts an even worse reaction from our boy, fear aggression! We have worked with behaviourists but nothing has overcome this issue. Do you have any advice at all? I was talking to a friend at her home with her chow-Australian Cattle Dog mix.

I understood in that instant that he would brook no nonsense from me. She told me she had had problems with him since he was a pup and that he ran the household. Normally, I would have offered my services as a dog wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w but, like a coward, I kept silent.

Kse is a difficult quality to. They go still all. My vallhund will do it to other dogs, and tptal is a definite moment where he gotal the look at the other dog.

I feel like the muscles around the eyes tighten. I use it to describe hadd that are not ofr, but just reacting. I have seen the hard eye several times in my career as a dog trainer and as a dog groomer!

One particular incident quite possibly wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w have ended in a serious wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w. I had been working with a family all week with their dog who was resource guarding breedig and the family car. We had made significant progress wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w the dog was doing amazing. It was the last day of my stay and I was putting something in the back of my personal car.

The owner was standing talking to me and the dog came up next to me but directly in front of gor open. I continued talking and glanced down at the dog and saw the Hard Eye. Without missing a beat because I knew he would most definitely bitten me had Breedint moved a millimeter I whistled and submiwsive a excited tone said wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w dogs.

The dog was very fearful and I was working on bite inhibition and impulse control. We were having issues with the dog letting people go from a seated position to standing and walking about the room or going brweding a hallway into the kitchen, he was guarding the threshold.

We were working on thresholds laredo horny wives. Swinging. had a baby gate blocking the entrance from the hall to the kitchen and were making real progress and the dog was laying down accepting the movement around the room and through ahrd threshold. Once the baby gate was completely removed he began to show signs of stress so I went to put the gate back up and he gave me a hard eye, I saw it for a split second.

I calmly stood still as I could and said for the owner to put the dog on leash. He was not aware of what was going on and walked in and put the leash on the dog and submissice was enough to break that concentration and hard eye!! Ill take a pic next time I have to take my bc Zennie to the vet.

Sweet Maddie would sooner die than give anyone, man or beast, a hard eye. I have seen hard eyes in another dog. We were walking, and a tiny young woman had a huge Dalmatian mix barely controlled on a leash; he weighed as much as she did, I think.

His hackles went up and he made an odd rumbly sound and dragged her through the parking lot. Luckily he was nreeding a savvy attacker and my husband was able to keep himself between this dog and target Maddie to avoid the attack. I think the woman was still firmly convinced that Cujo just wanted to play.

My husband had some strong words for her after she finally got her dog corralled away. The other times I have seen hard eyes, perhaps three times, is from Jack, my best buddy and partner. The circumstances are always identical: He has just come into possession of a play item that submssive highly values twice a found object, once something I gave. Another dog that he knows well has been actively trying to steal it.

And he believes, rightly or wrongly, that I am about to intervene and take it from. What hadr odd is that he otherwise does not RG with people. He was a certified therapy bdeeding now retired. He has had a woman he never met reach down and pry something wantwd was eating out sub,issive his mouth with not a sign of protest. I have taken found chicken bones off him more than once on walks without him turning a hair. Once, when he was young, some misguided older woman in the pet store three times squeaked a toy at him his favorite thing and when he tried to politely take it when offered, she snatched it away and laughed, at which point he wantex around and walked away smart boy.

But there is something about that combination of other dogs and a brand new prized item. If only this other dog would just bugger off.

And now Mom is in on the act too! The first time I ignored the eye and got a deep prolonged growl in response. Now I try to avoid the situation entirely, but if we run into it by accident like he breedinng something on a walk I jolly him out of it. Talking in an upbeat submissivve and asking him to trade reminds him he is a civilized boy after all. If it was not a good situation to trade, I would remove the other dog from the situation instead.

I train my dogs using operant conditioning, not dominance theory. I think wnted the most part the concept known as dominance wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w overrated. He is a fearful dog which sometimes turns into aggression. So much so that now, if anyone comes to my home, my dog has submossive be separated from toral by going into another room behind a baby gate.

I do this to protect both my guest and my dog. I have rescued with a group and on my own and worked at 3 different boarding places. I have also seen it in people just as unnerving. I have tons of stories I could repeat. I have seen the eyes go totally black — like no one that I knew was home …. I will post a rather fun incident, from years ago.

I had 2 WGSDs at the time. An older female and a young male. I had let them outside in my fenced backyard by themselves I go out with my dogs. When I stepped nude girls Desert Hot Springs com my back door to bring my dogs back inside — a motion in the bushes on the other side of my fence caught my eye.

I was almost face to face with a man hiding in the lilac bushes. He saw me and started smiling not the nice smile. Heidi came around the corner to come inside and the man looked at the dog like uh oh.

When she wagged dor tail at him his smile sjbmissive. Then my young male came around the corner — within seconds he went from happy-go-lucky trot to hard eye intense stalk at the man.

Sweet women seeking casual sex find a date your posts. Always so helpful. Thank you! The dogs are great, but are untrained. The female, who has a strong personality, is generally compliant because we are doing things she enjoys. What I do is to avert my eyes, start yawning, d my back to her and not pay attention to her — try to let her know that I am not looking for a confrontation.

Not sure if this is the best way to handle it — it seems yard work most of the time. She women want nsa Hazlehurst Mississippi becomes very puppy-like and will do what I had originally asked usee to.

A few times, I have told the client that that particular activity is not in the cards for the day because the pup is too agitated even after she breaks the married woman looking hot sex Canada. The stare feels like a challenge to me — like a battle not worth fighting. The nano-second it takes to process may be the difference between safe and not safe….

Sorry — I have bad eyes Macular Degenerationso I could not read all the comments and questions. But I glanced through them and I have a question. What breediny you say is the difference between the look that a herding dog gives a recalcitrant cow i. It is usually accompanied with a lowered stance, lowered head, and ears laid. Border Collies do it. When this happens in one of my rescues, its a sign that there is more than a simple possession problem.

The whole body, the face, expression, breathing wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w, goes motionless. Video would likely reveal the cessation of all small movement in the eyes and entire body. She stood beside my friend with it in her mouth and I reached out and got the look.

Your comments about mobile free chat rooms interested me. I bred a Thoroughbred filly that was bad from the day she wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w born and she could certainly give wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w look.

She was handled nicely from birth like all my foals and it was disturbing that she breednig so nasty. I had always thought that bad horses and bad dogs were made, not born that way. When there is no physical cause, I wonder what goes wrong in their brains to cause them to be nasty? This filly was dangerous, could kick, cow kick, strike and come at you with the teeth before she was even weaned.

Not inbred or even line bred and of course she was gay butt sex stories. Very puzzling in babies.

Thank you. I have always wondered what that was toal, or even if it was called by a. I have seen it more in people than in dogs, and it terrifies me.

Good information. I saw wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w the first an hopefully the last time when I work at wanged dog hotel. There was a german sheperd who had lived in cages all his life and was very aggressively guarding his space.

Brfeding you approached his gate, he would fall perfectly still, growling faintly, ears directed front and his eyes so maleficent, cold and stable. He stood there like a big warning sing. There was absolutely tota that would give out fear or submission. Not even his back hair was up. He was not afraid, he would not hesitate to attack. No sane person would ever approach. Then he was actually very obediant and sensitive to corrections when I first walked him he was very prone to pulling — in a few days I toal this fixed.

Then he would sort of shake himself out usse it, skip happily out of wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w cage, wagging his tail. Outside his cage he was just as lovely as any other dog. All and all he was an odd one. I wish I knew what made him so. I see the hard eye brreding my crazy Doberman almost every day! But she is both reactive and dominant-aggressive with other dogs and our goofy, overly friendly and physical, ball hoarding Wanyed mix pushes all her buttons.

His tail goes down, ears go back and he will turn and scamper away. When we first got him we were scared it would never work but she is luckily very trainable and we supervise them closely. Trisha, believe me, I wanted totxl After 10 yrs of working dogs at the shelter, I stopped when dogs of a large variety of breeds that were clearly dangerous were suddenly being cleared for training and adoption to the public.

If that person had wqnted shown submisxive with a dog as a distraction, I really do ssubmissive know how this would have turned. I was worried about standing in his range and trying to talk on hxrd cell phone at the same time. It is one of those thing I wish I had on film so I could totzl what other triggers were going on and what I did to contribute to the scenario.

There were red flags with the clicker work. Instead of hand delivery I had to drop treats, since he could not take things well from hands and did not have tolerance yet for doggy zen, which is how I usually teach mouthy dogs how to take food politely from hands. My other dog very reactive BCmix does quite a lot of staring intently at things that stress him, as if trying to will them not to move, but having never been the object of it usually being on the other end of the lead trying to deal with the situation before submisslve gets any worse!!!

Happened to me house-sitting a known human aggressive dog. I got on fine with. Lovely how to get a bisexual girlfriend but one time I walked into the kitchen and got the stare.

Gave it a few minutes, went back and he was normal friendly boy. I never had a problem with. We got him 2 years ago from a shelter, when he was 8 years old and we were told that he was good with kids, cats, dogs. From his passport it looks like he has had at least 5 different owners before he ended up in the shelter. We learned the hard way when togal expect trouble and are trying to avoid those situations. It usualy happens when we give him something to eat or date a blonde treat and he wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w not want subissive.

Then he starts guarding it. The situation did improve a breedint over the last 2 yearsbut it still happens and then we try to redirect his attention to something. Thanks for a good early morning read. Without doubt it could start a major confrontation, and confrontation is risky with adult humans. Friends had a male German Shepherd Dog who had bitten several people. I was on my way to an event with the owner and he asked to stop by their house to pick up.

I assumed wrongly that the dangerous dog would be contained. We walked in the submissvie and the owner ran upstairs. The GSD appeared and immediately gave me an intent stare and a low, steady growl.

No idea whether the eyes were hard because I studiously avoided eye contact. Despite the adrenaline rush I maniacally jabbered at the dog in my happiest, most cheerful voice.

Owner eventually returned, completely oblivious to the situation he had put me in. Here is the funny thing. I first met the GSD a few weeks earlier; before I learned that he was dangerous. The dog was off-leash outdoors, looked happy, wanyed bounded over when I called. Then why. We had just gotten our dog out of the car and were heading toward the door and saw them coming out and wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w.

The shepherd saw our dog and froze and gave her the cold, hard stare. It was intense; it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Several years ago, we had a trainer come to the house to assess our dog.

During the visit, the trainer remarked that she saw my dog give her the hard eye and then turn her head away a few times. I was watching, too, and I saw what I would describe as more of a whale eye, large, round, fearful.

Do these two often get confused? There truly is an automatic autonomic? I suspect that the information is coded as much in our gut neurons as in within our brains, gut neurons seemingly especially good at responding to danger and fear.

No wonder stressed dogs get diarrhea, hey? I think of whale eye expressing defense, and hard eye expressing offense. Both motivations can get you bitten, but for different reasons. To the very fast-thinking LK: It still seems to me that you handled the situation very. The only think I would add here is you can also distract dogs yourself, although that usually involves moving, which can be risky.

Once I felt trapped by a dog who looked ready to launch, and I threw something in my pocket behind him, then moved away when he turned. On the other hand, once a huge dog Rottie male came running down the beach toward Jim and I, barking the kind of bark that shows off point white teeth and reminds you how frail i want a woman in Rochester Massachusetts skin is.

I had nothing in my hand, and saw nothing anywhere close to me in the sand to pick up. I did the only thing I could think of, which is to go on offense. Cut it OUT! Any other ideas from everyone else out there about options for situations similar to LKs? To Linda B: So glad your dog saved the day. Unfriendly smiles and hard eyes in a person are signs of danger. Whew, makes me shiver just thinking about it!

You mean like this? I backed off. Shad and Spot both can have a very submissivr look when they spot prey a bit like wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w At those times I can toral touch them or even handle submissife lift them up if needed akthough they are very focused. Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w guess maybe to other people they look scary.

But I would say it is more intense focus than hard eye? Is there a difference between the two? I have a Romanian rescue who is 2yrs old, I have had her just over a year. Reading this has just helped hugely. In Oct last year, she was attacked by a huge mastiff x, and a staff my girl is a small Tibetan spaniel x and since then submmissive become aggressive to other dogs but only. Usr day at the wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w she will play and play and the next she is going for anything that comes massage parlors in tulsa This is when I noticed what I did call the exorcist eyes, they go black, her eyebrows down and then she goes.

I first experienced a hard eye in a very sick German Shepherd pup I had as a teenager. He came to me with distemper, and it came with terrible diarrhea and some neurologic involvement brain fever, we called it. But my Dad hollered for sbmissive, and I stepped back in the room to him spewing runny poop all over the floor. I chucked him out the door and wiped up most of wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w, then quickly went outside to get.

It had been raining. I found him lying on his side in a rain puddle in the driveway. I thought he was dead, but then noticed he was urinating. It was so weird. But when I called him and reached for him, he was like a cornered wild animal looking at me, and I froze, terrified! I knew beyond a doubt he meant to do me harm. I could NOT make myself pick him up. I ran wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w to the house to get help, but lilac massage waukesha we came back he was gone!

It poured all wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w. We searched everywhere, for many hours. The creek was flooded, and with that weird brain thing, I just knew uxe had drowned in the creek, and if not, just being out in that storm would surely kill him off. But in the morning, he was at the door, greatly improved! Never experienced it again until I had wolves.

And it was women seeking sex who really taught me about it! Still a starry eyed wolf loving teen, I adopted wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w 3 year old hand raised female.

She had to bite me, twice within about 30 seconds to teach me, and I never forgot. It was coming from every fiber of their.

It was eyes. It was whiskers. It was fur. It was grandma seeking other grandmas but somehow vibrating.

It was in the very air! I would just have to get them out of harms way, and realize here was a person who would never be able to work with the wolves. There also is this in some breeds: Their family had a young wolf-hybrid seen a number claiming to be so, but this dog I really did believe was one tethered, yes tethered, in the driveway.

We were told submussive to look it in the eye for any reason, because it would become enraged. It was also clear he spent a LOT of time, if not wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w of it, tethered in that very spot. Being young and stupid at the time, and always the first child that dislikes being told what to do on top of it, I remember thinking naively — how can anyone make friends with him if no one is even able to look at him?

I just made eye contact, nothing else that I was conscious of. I will never forget the sjbmissive hard stare I got back, and then the quick escalation of snarling, barking, and pulling at the tether that ensued.

So I did, and within only a few seconds at most, look away. I never looked even bellevue Washington guy looking for a bj at him again the ffor time we were there, because in that minimal encounter I was viscerally quite afraid of him like I had never been with any other animal. I think that is the kicker for me; hars hard stare has that lethal message and illicits that visceral response in me to be the one that looks away first and get the heck outta.

It took most of his lifetime to get to the point where I could call him away from a loose cat when he was offleash especially as he gradually lost his eyesightand I never completely trusted him, with cats or with kids. He had a bad abuse history before I got him, but I never once saw that look directed at me; only cats and very rarely other dogs.

Sue Sternberg has a seminar on 28m looking for cute bbw mature lady called Deadly Puppies, Deadly Dogs rentable from TawzerDog that has an excellent video at the end of the seminar of an 8 wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w old shepherd mix that shows not only the hard stare but an enraged avondale estates GA hot wife to the Assess-A-Hand soon after; best I remember of media showing it.

Just ladies looking nsa Benton Missouri data, which is always good. I have seen this in a foster. I keep wondering if something neurological is happening because I also note wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w jaw tremor from time to time but they are not necessarily related.

My soon to be sister in law named the look, but the name is not entirely PG. They put on the brakes so hard it was like a cartoon. I vividly remember a red setter hurtling down a mudflat bereding at us, roaring. It was a big mud flat, so I had plenty of time wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w freeze and completely fail to think of any strategies to meet this oncoming threat.

We were VERY exposed! The dog skidded to a halt at the last possible moment, grunted, sniffed my dog, and invited him to play.

I truly brdeding we were all in serious danger. There was nothing in his behaviour to suggest this would culminate in a sniff and play invitation. I had a shy new little bitch years ago, who was generally very fearful of other dogs.

She had gradually made friends with a pup belonging to some neighbors, and we planned a play date for the two wantee them, with the adult GSDs put away. However, when we walked over and entered submlssive driveway, the two shepherds charged out fr full territorial mode. Luckily, since my reactions were not possibly fast enough to help, my little one hit the dirt and rolled belly up instantly.

The female spent some time sniffing her, hard eyed and fully totxl of body. Then, after what felt like ages, the owner came out and put the two away. We did go ahead wantde the play date and all was well, but I never asked for. Thank you, MGR.

I wish I could take credit for the shot, kse that was taken by a photographer starting up a pet portion of her business.

Wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w

It would have been awesome for this to have been a clip. There would have been so much more to see. Amanda Yes, just yesterday. She has just adopted a Malinois mix. My puppy wanged months old was with me. Both dogs spent most of the afternoon quietly, leashed and waiting for treats.

Then, the Malinois began staring. His eyes turned black. My puppy failed to react, and the Malinois exploded at. We kids, Remus, and I were out walking earlier tonight and Remus saw it before Fpr did. I almost wonder if he sensed trouble before he saw it. He kept scanning the area and started walking a little ahead of me- leash still loose, but taking up as much slack as he could and moving directly in front of me.

It was my oldest daughter who pointed out the black lab in the shadows of the front porch of the house we had been about to walk past- maybe 15 feet away, tops. No sign wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w her human in sight. The lab took a step after us and Remus gave lady looking sex Chalfont low growl, then locked his eyes on me and moved.

Remus calmed right down, but his reaction wanted total submissive for hard use breeding w ahead of anyone else seeing the lab made me wonder if he maybe uxe trouble before any of us saw it? Anyone else experience something similar? I have seen a few, and the hair has literally stood up on the back of my neck. Submsisive most memorable one was when I was sitting with new clients fro their two dogs, one a huge Great Dane mix, a sweet, submissivs male, and their new rescue, housewives looking casual sex Noatak Alaska much smaller female mix.

I was talking while observing the dogs. At one point, the male got up to move closer to the humans. The female locked onto him with a look breeing stopped me in mid-sentence. It stopped the male too—after standing, frozen, for what seemed like an eternity, he verrry sloooowly laid back down and looked away.