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While this doesn't change that it's wrong, hurtful and needs to stop, it does help in dealing with it to have some understanding.

These are not the only reasons your wife may be acting mean. Women also go through natural fluctuations in dows that can cause changes to mood and behavior.

The natural stressors of parenting, or dealing with aging parents can also create pressure and frustration. Unfortunately, these frustrations can often be taken out on those closest to her, namely you.

The answer to that depends a lot on what the actual reason for her behavior is. But to start you can re-frame the way you view. Rather than seeing her as someone who is trying to hurt you, try looking at her with the understanding that something is bothering.

Her meaj stems from something and you may need to put some effort into it to find out what exactly that is. You what does wife me mean try approaching things gently, discussing with your wife how her tone, behavior, and word choices are hurtful and combative. Bear in mind that this may not happen on the first attempt.

If the problems she is wrestling with are difficult to discuss doex you have grown apart, it may take time and patience to break. And this may also require you to face issues in your relationship that have what does wife me mean the both of you to this point.

What you should not do, however, is match meanness with meanness.

ahat If you wife is being mean, being equally as mean and cruel will not help, it will only make things worse and drive you further apart. A reader dealing with a wife whose behavior had become difficult wrote in to say. My wife has a high conflict personality that is regularly emotionally abusive towards me.

When she yells and puts me down and says mean things I get upset and say mean things back to. How do I not react when she pushes my buttons with dors abuse?

Managing this response in yourself can be difficult. Doing this, however, will only make things worse. There is nothing okay or healthy about being willfully cruel to your spouse.

Men come to Guy Stuff every day to learn how to fix problems just like this one. Do it girl!!

Im already legally married we got married at the court house but we planning for me him and his son sex Dating Hoehne go to mobile,al we can't leave the state cause he will be on probation and have a "wedding". I think it was a way of opening up to you.

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Obviously, you guys taking it a step futher has crossed his mind. I bet he's been loving you alot longer than he's been saying it!

LOL Wish you the best I think it means he wants you to be his boo Usually they just say they plan to "wife you" when they want you to be their girl Let them no kid Wifey 2.

Boo 3.

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