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Youtube started as a dating site I Am Looking Dating

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Youtube started as a dating site

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The world's largest video site has romantic roots, says co-founder Steve Chen. Guess what day the YouTube domain name was registered? Long before Tinder made swiping a thing for matchmaking apps, there was a little-known video site trying to play cupid to the Internet generation: That's staarted exactly what comes to mind when you think of the world's largest video site, which welcomes a billion visitors a month.

The idea was for single people to make videos introducing themselves and saying what they were looking for, said Chen. After five days no one had uploaded a single video, so he and the other co-founders, Youtube started as a dating site Hurley and Jawed Karim, reconsidered.

They knew they had something with the underlying technology that made it easy for datkng to upload videos to the Internet.

The matchmaking element, though short-lived, was perhaps sexy hard men in the cards. Chen said the founders registered the domain name YouTube on February 14, more than a decade ago. Clearly, the pivot paid off.

The service has also expanded to include a subscription site, YouTube Red, and a dedicated gaming site. The service is a live-video youtube started as a dating site dedicated to food, where chefs can broadcast themselves cooking a meal or foodies can stream the scene in front of a taco truck.

This might be interesting This essential study will change the ways in which etarted think datijg past, present and future online creative communities and digital platforms. I also would like to search for videos by date of upload for example. Is there a way to do that? The on-site search datiny on youtube is abysmal. Especially the auto-reset of the filters upon changing the search term is so incredibly annoying.

I remember reading somewhere that in the earlier days the most popular "authentic" videos were actually created by paid actors.

Try this: For general education about subculture takeover please refer to https: For a famous example of find and replace gone wrong, see the case married women 73868 ok the creationist Of Pandas and People textbook and cdesign proponentsists: The term "creationists" was changed to "design proponents", but in one case the beginning and end of the original word "creationists" were accidentally retained, fating that "creationists" became "cdesign proponentsists".

It's funny how easily the government crushes Dsting, youtube started as a dating site can't do anything about drugs, piracy, or immigration. Clbuttic editing mistake. Comes of making too many buttumptions.

Igelau 64 days ago. Those responsible were buttbuttinated. How would you avoid "inpiduals" and similar mistakes in other editors? And in every editor invariably ends up disagreeing with you on what precisely constitutes a word boundary. Kudos 64 days scorpio man and sagittarius woman marriage. Youtube started as a dating site Vim I would do: Fair point Some also have a checkbox for the word matching functionality.

In vim: Totally nonintuitive! But easy enough to remember and type. Thank you. Open it in a web browser and then copy and past it into the editor as plain text. Funny to see those youtube started as a dating site from back in the days when HTML was still hand made and handcrafted. Funny to see those websites from back in the days when HTML was still hand made and handcrafted You might be surprised which giant corporations have given up on all the framework hype and language tribalism and actually allow their web devs to build sites by hand with care.

I'm thinking of one particular multi-billion dollar company, but there are a all sex apps of. Sometimes sanity wins.

Have you guys tried this javascript library? Loads instantly: It detracts from the point how the jQuery examples are much nicer. This one never gets old. It's poking fun free sri lankan chat how there's a new flavour of JavaScript framework seemingly every week: Angular, React, Vue, Mithril.

Each one has a killer feature or some new spin on how to write your JavaScript code. The word "vanilla" is used here as an adjective to describe something that is "lacking distinction: As such, the joke is that Vanilla JS is mature dating Gippsland presented as some amazing new framework, but it isn't anything more than regular JS that you would write. In a sense, it's the youtube started as a dating site framework, requiring no additional scripts or dependencies.

JorgeGT 64 days ago. Well, Berkshire Hathaway is a multi-billion company and for sure they gave up pretty early in webdev technology: Warren Buffet was vocally anti-dot-com boom and bust and their site continues to follow a minimalist philosophy to this day. JorgeGT 62 days ago. Minimalist is one thing, done with an old copy of Microsoft Word youtube started as a dating site. I would predict Apple falls into this category. I know that Apple's trashcan Mac Pro page was hand-crafted.

There was an article about it on the intarwebs youtube started as a dating site the time. But I was actually thinking of a different company. I'd forgotten about Apple. MaxLeiter 64 days ago. Does anyone have a link for this website? The Mac Pro may have been poorly designed but the website was a pleasure to scroll. Looking a the source code of their website, they seems to use react for at least part of it.

Whatever they use, Apple's product pages are definitely handcrafted. Especially around the time of big releases. Aren't all webpages hand-crafted then? But if a program generates something, and then just directly serves the result, it is certainly not hand-crafted.

Not necessarily.

I don't think youtube started as a dating site expect to have to individually map pixels in their PNG's in order for a page to be hand-crafted.

But it certainly is a gray area. I don't know why HN likes to pretend they're exceptions to patterns and processes that came about for a number of reasons. In this specific case, the hand crafted HTML that Best flirt come across in my lifetime is usually absolute garbage. I can normally see how the developer who wrote it thinks they're being clever or nifty, and dare I say it "clean", but it usually falls short and causes more harm than good.

So imagine we as an industry organically build tools to datiny.

10 Years Ago Today, YouTube Launched as a Dating Website - VICE

We then get dork heads who see this, believe they're part of the exception, despite not having swapping couples pictures remotely close to the userbase or requirements of these websites, refuse to understand why certain things youtube started as a dating site the way they are, and think they're above these processes and frameworks despite not having invested any real time or effort into the skills necessary to justify not using these frameworks or fabricated HTML.

And the worst part is it's just HTML. And we still get it wrong. TL;DR Programmers think they're better than they really are. Use the frameworks. Honestly if you question the overall quality of hand-written HTML by people who care to hand-write it with the overall output of tools, I kind of wonder what parallel universe youtube started as a dating site come. When HTML was hand written, it was largely awful.

Just like anything people make. Bespoke HTML is now usually nice because the people who care to make it are the type of people who care about that sort of thing.

Youtube started as a dating site

This was certainly not controversial at the time. Nowadays with templating languages and frontend frameworks React is operating on the DOM but it is still just HTML elements in the end there's still a human picking the elements and attributes that are rendered, even if there is a layer of indirection.

HTML was designed with hand-authoring in mind. The one where I don't value youtuhe development datng because it's bespoke? The universe where I dahing to actually quantify what's good and what isn't?

The worst kind of comments related to this discussion are always the ones that are insufferably offended that they youtube started as a dating site women who fuck Hindman Kentucky perform decades of experience and knowledge without doing. Check who you're listening to? It's a fairly common argument. My position is based on decades of actually looking at HTML, writing it, creating a few web authoring tools along the way, and participating tangentially in HTML5 standardization.

I'm not insufferably offended by what you think I can or can't do I couldn't care less I just honestly can't fathom, after 20 years of looking at HTML produced by hand and by tools, how anyone could think the tools produce better markup if you're actually talking about qs quality of the end result.

Cheaper and faster, maybe, with a lower learning curve, sure, but better? I don't buy it. CSS on the other hand is more difficult, but its youtube started as a dating site much more powerful and still easier to hand-write compared youtubf other XML-markups variants native UI. A few years ago they messed up the Apache config and.

Another fun one, braeburncapital.

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Kluny 64 days ago. Not sure, starged Facebook and Reddit's internal blogs are both WordPress as. Another video service built on dating? Comcast's video-on-demand service.

Back when X was promoting itself as having "The most on demand video! More than insert market competitor here! Youtube started as a dating site when I had Comcast that was some of the most entertaining stuff to be found on their on-demand service. I had totally forgotten about that thanks for the trip down memory lane. And Hulu was originally launched as someone's personal homepage. Wonder male massage new orleans much they sold the domain.

And steam. Vinnl 64 days ago. I recently came across https: At least, that was a birthday present and it's her first.

The whole gmail typo stuff is hilarious though, that's for sharing. So foolish. Not even putting crappy ads on there, yet paying to renew it yearly. What could the logic possibly be? Valve probably wouldn't even entertain it at this point.

And OVH as a scrappy web hosting company stored in a closet [1] About Us [0] on webarchive from the same date is still relevant: I never knew. It gives a little more meaning to the domain name, but even in it's current form, the domain name still works, just less literally.

The youtube started as a dating site and some other ui elements have round corners, as it was customary in that days. Everyone wanted and insisted to have this, despite it was very inconvenient to build hot brazilian wives pieces of images and tables.

And now it's daring to do with CSS but largely youtube started as a dating site femme date fashion. But indeed, out of fashion, which is datinb demonstration of the lack of free thought in that area. Sigh stated.

It was supposed to be "Hot or Not" with videos. Tinder already lets you upload short gifs of. I'm pretty sure that's what Interlace is. I remember some of these super early launches of websites. The next 18 months were insane as YouTube grew then got bought by Google.

It also launched during a time when most housewives looking casual sex Parkersburg West Virginia watched video on a tube, hence the. It's interesting youtube started as a dating site see the generational shift ask someone why often adult video streaming sites are sometimes called "tube sites" and all of them will mention YouTube, yojtube only the older ones will mention the CRT etymology; younger people may be reminded more of "the Internet is a series of tubes" instead.

Even in people were chucking out their Cathode Ray Tube televisions in youtube started as a dating site of flatscreens. Unless they played Smash. I think one of the biggest bobbles of modern social-centric tech history oyutube Google not morphing YT into a more social platform.

Youtube started as a dating site Looking Sexy Chat

They had the name recognition. They had the users. All they lacked was some basic functionality to compete for social attention. The rest, animated dragon sex they say, is history. Both sides' users rejected. But that was its own mess. Avamander 64 days ago.

I guess they'll try again in 15 years. I'm starting to suspect social may have burned. At least in pesent incarnations. MagnumOpus 62 days ago. Those social features existed on LiveVideo. It's very interesting youtube started as a dating site scrub through the history of the first year, you can see how they changed so much in that time.

I had a video site in the youtube started as a dating site era https: Should have tried to get funding, but had no idea what I was doing.

But yea, I totally believe YouTube spent a few years as soft porn and piracy which they clearly xating for eyeballs. Startdd have a lot of softcore porn and piracy. Indeed I've seen some things on YouTube recently that look like pretty blatant porn, and weren't behind the youtube started as a dating site. Descartes1 64 days ago. It was also made possible entirely by Macromedia Flash. Purchased by Adobe the same year. You may want to check out this talk by Jawed Karim.

ElectronShak 63 days ago. This was great. Thanks for sharing! I'm curious what xtarted UX was Browse short video profiles of people and then message the ones you like? To me it looks like some generic "PHP Script" dating site. Check the link, it shows quite. RocketSyntax 64 housewives want hot sex Dragoon ago.

This is how dating agencies used to. Actor Bryan Cranston used to stqrted in one of those agencies https: AnIdiotOnTheNet 64 days ago. Yeah, because when I look at youyube the problems with online dating, what Sexy big boobs latina think is that it could all be solved if only people would treat youtube started as a dating site even more like commodities.

Verified blue whale badge on profile. If the first action in a relationship is one of distrust, it doesn't feel right TeMPOraL 64 days ago.

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Interactions on dating sites happen prior to a relationship. Also, I think dating sites are a bit "a market for lemons". TheDong 64 days ago. I don't think that's necessarily true. To be a market for lemons, in the original sense, it's required that goods are objectively better or worse to all buyers, and it's required that sellers know the value of their goods to buyers.

Put more concretely, because different people have different dating preferences, one person's lemon can be another person's peach. In addition, a market for lemons usually requires a seller to be able to determine the value of goods while the buyer can't. On dating sites, both the user and the site itself are trying to "sell" that person to prospective matches. Neither of those parties has all that much better of a way to determine a person's match-ability, so there's not all that much asymmetry.

I suppose the site does know a little more based on history, but I don't think that's necessarily. I do think dating sites lesbans having sex pretty garbage, but I don't think starhed due to the phenomenon described by "a market for lemons", but rather youtube started as a dating site to multiple other factors.

J-dawg 64 days ago. At least to some extent, dating sites have made the opposite. The more people know about each other, the greater the variance in their assessments of each others' attractiveness. ISTR a study that showed that siye less people know each datong before starting dating, the more likely people are to end up with partners who are about youtube started as a dating site physically attractive as themselves.

J-dawg 62 days ago. This is a good point. I guess it's important to remember that dating sites do actually change people's behaviour, rather than being a representation of how everyone behaves. Sure adult dating Jacksonville have different dating preferences, but they're correlated, not uniformly random.

I believe that, while there may not be a total order of people that's the same for everyone, there is some rough order that would be acceptable to most, and the closer to "best" end in that order a person is, the shorter they're likely to stay on a dating site.

People have youtubbe right to an "affectional preference" based on physical characteristics. What I propose doesn't discriminate against any body type or characteristic, it merely ensures accuracy. It just amplifies the fact that current online dating is about looks. The chad fishing memes prove it.

Well, if you can't or won't compete on looks and you don't have any preference of your own, then perhaps on-line youtube started as a dating site isn't for you. So if you aren't the tallest person around then you don't deserve to have a relationship? No, not at all. But you have to find a partner that likes you for the height you are.

Are you saying that short people should lie about their height youtube started as a dating site hope they can convince someone who's met them to change their affectational preference? If someone is only attracted to tall people, you can't change. Not at all. But maybe an app which asks potential dates hooker brisbane swipe left or right having just seen your height is not the best venue for short men.

Interesting - I youtube started as a dating site the world was not ready for a video dating site back. This could probably work quite well now thanks to the change in peoples' attitude sige creating online video content, brought about by YouTube itself! I actually met my third wife on the original datnig, it was a different time.

Where did you meet your fourth wife? Some YouTubers went on to try launching dating sites again after the Google acquisition. Fact or fiction? I guess it worked out for them in long run, but they couldn't really expect much after that short of a time. Ballas 64 days ago. The ukraina dating free was also supposed to be "YourTube". Oh no, I have to go take down a few videos Interesting youtube started as a dating site see major sites with CSS issues like that, with the country code "GB" for me, in the UK added the width on the logo box isn't wide.

They appear to be using position: And it still works! Edmond 64 days ago. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. YouTube was launched as a dating site archive. Thorrez 64 days ago The comments on that video default to sorted by new. DanBC 64 youtube started as a dating site ago Tildes is small but nice.

CriticalCathed 64 days ago I really don't think Adult singles dating in Eddyville, Nebraska (NE). after around and before that period are the. Semaphor 64 days ago And before that, Oink's Pink Palace. MegaButts 64 days ago Sorry to pile on here, but I would also appreciate an invite.